Andrew & Walker custom tailors have been providing exquisite styling, detailed craftsmanship & superior quality at very reasonable price to our clients with the unique opportunity to have to all of that. From the fabric, to the style, and the detailing, you can select it all. We then determine the fit, the cut and sew according to your individual size and body shape.

For the fashion conscious, we have an extensive collection of clothing designs that we update regularly, for you to select from. Or simply tell us what you have in mind, and we will bring your fashion creation to life. So, whether it's a suit, sports jacket, a pair of pants or a shirt you desire, Andrew & Walker is the perfect place for you.



The most important thing when
choosing a custom tailor clothing is to
get the right fit.


Your feedback is always important.
It helps us to increase our standard
and made cloth for satisfaction


Customizing is one of the
key features of our tailored suits which
give the customer liberty.

4: F.A.Q

We are always at your service.
You can ask us any questions about fabrics to your personal designs for clothes.