Vielen Dank Andrew

Hiermit möchte ich mich nochmals für die Arbeit von Andrew bedanken. Einmal mehr durfte ich Andrew in der Schweiz treffen und mich von Ihm Beraten lassen. Das Preis/Leistungsverhältnis ist ausgezeichnet. Freue mich wenn ich Andrew bald wieder sehe

Dino Herzog-Basel-Switzerland

Seit Jahren meine erste Wahl

Maßanzüge trage ich seit Jahrzehnten. Seit einigen Jahren bestelle ich jetzt meine Anzüge (bis jetzt 14 von A&W) und Hemden (bis jetzt 36) nur noch bei Andrew & Walker.

Er ist mein vierter Maßschneider und hat von allen die größte Auswahl und das beste Preis-Leistungsverhältnis. Inzwischen habe nicht nur Businesskleidung sondern auf Freizeitoutfit hier machen lassen. Von der MaßJeans, über einen Trachtenjanker bis zu farblich mutigen Kurzarm Hemden.

Bis jetzt konnte ich ihn schon an knapp 30 Freunde und Arbeitskollegen erfolgreich weiterempfehlen. Ich möchte ja das er regelmäßig nach Europa kommt und ich weiter bestellen kann.

MARIO MEGLLE - Augsburg -Germany

Ich bin wieder einmal absolut begeistert

Andrew war dieses Jahr für eine ganze Woche in Augsburg. Es wurde auch höchste Zeit den ich wollte meinen Kleiderschrank auf alle Fälle erweitern. Nun kommt schon bald ein brauner und ein dunkel blauer Anzug hinzu.

Seit drei Jahren bestelle ich meine Anzüge und Hemdten ausschließlich bei Andrew & Walker. Wer einmal seine Qualität getestet hat wird nie wieder wo anders Anzüge kaufen :)

Michael Scheidl – Germany

Super Service und Qualität!

Die Auswahl an Stoffen, Muster, Vorlagen und kreativen Ideen sind sehr zahlreich. Daraus resultiert eine super Beratung und ein umfangreicher Service zu Anzügen für Gelegenheiten aller Art. Die bestellten Anzüge entsprechen der versprochenen Qualität und waren (relativ schnell) fertig und zugesandt.

Nicht zuletzt stimmt einfach das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis

Roman Deringer-Germany

Trusted tailor

Compared to other tailors Andrew always provided top quality and service from the very first moment we met. High quality fabrics, expert advice, astonishing results and a very fast delivery whether I am in Bangkok or on any other place in the world. All this for a jaw-dropping price convinced me to recommend his services to everyone else without any doubt.

In the meantime many of my friends and colleagues became satisfied customers too and are looking forward to his next trip to Europe.

Tailor? Andrew & Walker Custom Clothier!

Patric Christen- Zurich-Switzerland

Excellent tailor- highly recommended

I have been buying suits from Andrew for years- high quality at a reasonable price.

He has good taste in fashion and is a nice guy.

In a country that seems to have a tailor on every corner I'm glad I finally found Andrew after many years of disappointment elsewhere.

I won't go anywhere else.

My wife is also happy with her purchases on her last visit.
Tailor? Andrew & Walker Custom Clothier!


Wonderful quality and service

It has been now two years since i have met Mr. Andrew and his tailoring, and have yet to have been dissatisfied with anything i have ordered from him. Great quality, wonderful service and quick delivery. I have yet to purchase a suit or shirt from any other tailor since meeting Andrew. Why try somewhere else when you've found something that suits you perfectly.

DAVID BENSIMON - Lausanne, Switzerland

Dear Andrew,

After already experiencing an excellent service when I was in Bangkok last year, I really want to thank you for the effort you made to make me happy with my new wardrobe.

Your work is highly professional, the measurements you take are perfect, the fabrics are best quality and your service is at the highest. Who can say that I have my personal tailor coming to my house and serving me, well I can. And the best thing is, it is absolutely affordable. Quality and price are fantastic.

I highly recommend you and your company and for sure I will be ordering very soon.

Best regards from Switzerland

Dear Andrew,

Once again many many thanks for your effort for this fantastic and exact work. I am very very happy with my suits!

What a great value for money with this fantastic choice of different styles! For me there is no other dressmaker anymore. You are my man!

Kind regards,
Marc Buchmueller. Basel, Switzerland

Dear Andrew,

I can personally vouch for the quality and value for money. The attention to detail is impressive and nothing is too much trouble. We'll be putting in another order shortly for men's and women's clothes.

Melanie Williams, Switzerland

Dear Andrew,

I hope you are fine and I just want to thank you again for your highly appreciated made blazer. I really love it and thats become one of my favorite Jacket. I also receives a lot of compliments because you can see the good quality and it just suits great ;-)) Thank you so much for your good work, your professional eye as a dress-maker and also beside this you are a very nice, trust worthy and sympathetic warm person and it was a pleasure to make business with you.

I can and will fully recommend you to my business partners and friends..

I send you my warm regards from Basel.
Rita - Switzerland

Dear Andrew,

I have received the parcel - everything is ok, everything fits very well. I was surprised to see how well it was done with one measuring only. I am very happy with the quality of service and looking forward to doing business with you.

Tomasz Krawczynski - Warsaw - Poland

Dear Andrew,

Perfect arrival and what your team did. Top quality workmanship.Thank you also for the two lovely ties. I shall wear it March 9/10th.

My wife and I are invited on a birthday (owner of the Grand Hotel Badrutt's Palace, St. Moritz). Look at Your parcel arrived in a perfect time.

Best regards also from my sons Marc and Danny as well as my wife Erika.

Pit Buchmuller -Switzerland

Dear Andrew,

I hope all is well? I wanted to inform you that I received your package last week, did not have the time to react earlier. I am also very pleased with the suits. They are excellent. I already had a lot of positive comments from people.

The shirts are also beautiful and the combination you made with the ties is perfect. I say an investment very well spent.

So thanks again for the great service and looking forward to business again.

I am not sure if you celebrate the coming holidays the way we do here, but I would like to wish you and your family very happy holidays and for 2013 all the best. It goes without saying that this wish extends to those involved in making the clothes.

Best Regards, Richard Roodhorst , Den Haag- The Netherlands.

Dear Andrew,

I like to inform you that, I have received your package and I am very pleased with the suits. They are excellent.

The shirts are also fits perfect and I am looking for ordering some more. Kindly let me know how much will be for another 5 shirts and when will you be in Warsaw again, as my Brother is also interested in getting suits and some shirts. We are looking forward for your early reply.

Best Rgards,
Bart, Warsaw- Poland

Dear Andrew,

Thanks for the update. I am very happy with my new suits. Great workmanship and excellent service. Let me Know when you are again in the Netherlands, My Wife has done whishes and we have other customers also for you.

Jef koning - The Netherlands.

Dear Andrew,

I like to inform you that, The package has been arrived, and the suits are fantastic, beautifully tailored. I look forward to ordering many more of your products. Thank you very much for your excellent work. It was enjoyable experience in getting fitted.

Kind Regards,

Sean Amini - Zurich, Switzerland

Dear Andrew,

I am back from my vacation. It was awesome and am wearing one of the new suits I got from you today, I am very happy with them.

Best regards,.

Alexis Sigg

Specialist | Securities Booking and Settlements

Dear Andrew,

I want to thank you for your effort to deliver my suites on such a short notice. The packet arrived four day's before our 25 marriage anniversary. I was over the moon!

The suits arrived in good order and the fit is perfect. Our party was great and your contribution has been much appreciated and not only by me.

Thank you for this superb service.

Regards,Your happy customer.

Daan Koster - Den Haag, The Netherlands.

Dear Andrew,

For more than 4 years I'm customer of Andrew & Walker, always satisfied with the fit and result.

Excellent quality, super service, good advise and fair prices. Maybe others are cheaper - none were better so far. I'm looking forward to build my new wardrobe soon.....

David Henderson - United Kingdom.

Dear Andrew,

Well let me just say that, Andrew & Walker is the best custom tailor in the world. When I first tried on a shirt that Andrew made for me , I had never put on a piece of clothing that had made me feel so sexy.

I have never in my life experienced anything like it before. I am 6ft7 in tall and slim fit, so to find cloths to fit me in general is pretty tuff. I am very very happy with my new wardrobe and highly recommend Andrew and his team to perfectly fit any person no matter what size you are ........

you can see the rest of my review in trip advisor.

Shannon Sharpe - New Orleans, Louisiana. USA.

Dear Andrew,

First time in Andrew & Walker Custom Tailor, I was a bit afraid and nervous but, My friend Pauli has recommended me to get measured by Andy, after having many bad experiences in Bangkok with other tailors, finaly, I got my tailor, who has a vast experience in custom tailoring and His team and their Craftsmanship ,Workmanship is highly professional, the fabrics are best quality and service is at the highest.

And the best thing is, it is absolutely affordable. Quality and price are fantastic. I highly recommend to you and your company and for sure I will be ordering very soon.

Joen Magnus - Faroe Island.



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