Special Offers

Royal Collection of Luxury Woolens from Ermenegildo Zegna, Kenzo, Lora Piana, Saville-Row, Dormeuil, and Valentino. Enjoy the convenience of adding custom tailored details to cater to your personal fitting needs.

We Specialize: Men - Custom tailored made-to-measure suits, sports jackets, over coats, tuxedo / formal wear, pants and shirts. Ladies - Custom tailored made-to-measure suits, jackets, pants, skirts, shirts / blouses, topcoats / overcoats and dresses.

Each suit comes complete with:

Fine canvas interfacing to provide a natural feel and easy flowing fit & better hang.
Hand-sewn sleeves and collar.
Hand-embroidered initials or full name inside suit jacket.
Hand-picked and matched linings and buttons.
Hand-made buttonholes.

* Our experienced staffs are always ready to inform our customers with professional knowledge and recommendations on choice of fabrics, sizing, and style, etc. during their fittings, with those customers who are not too familiar with custom tailoring, our friendly staffs are more than happy to discuss in details anything to help them shop at ease. According to the current fashions, the customer's size and body figure, and even the city where the customers live in, we can provide helpful ideas on the kind of materials that are most suitable for them.

2 Suits, 2 Extra pants, 4 Shirts & 2 Silk Ties for EURO 899/-
( Inclusive of mailing and all the taxes)




The most important thing when
choosing a custom tailor clothing is to
get the right fit.


Your feedback is always important.
It helps us to increase our standard
and made cloth for satisfaction


Customizing is one of the
key features of our tailored suits which
give the customer liberty.

4: F.A.Q

We are always at your service.
You can ask us any questions about fabrics to your personal designs for clothes.