Q:1. What is the difference between Tailored made suits and an off the rack suit?
Ans.: A Tailored suit is made individually , made according to your size,shape and style. Off the rack suits come in standard sizes and do not fit as you want them too.

Q:2. What is the procedure to getting a Tailor made suit?
a. Discuss your requirements with Our expert master tailors or You can even bring a garment to be copied or a style from a magazine that you would like to be copied.
b. Select the fabrics you desire. There are over 5000 fabric samples to choose from.
c. Let us take your measurements along with digital photographs so that we can collect additional information about your body shape and size.

Q:3 .Do you keep measurements on file?
Ans.: Yes, Once our professional tailor measure you, we will have your record on file for min.5 years. Thus re- ordering any clothing is much easier in the future.

Q:4 .How long does it take to get a suit done?
Ans.: Orders placed at our store can be turned around, according to your time schedule. We have a priority basis, so that we can accommodate all. Mail orders take 3-4 weeks and orders placed during our visits to your country , get delivered in 6-8 weeks time.

Q:5 .What happens if the clothes does not fit when ordered during the visit. Ans.: There is a 100% replacement guarantee. In case of minor adjustments or alterations , we do them free of charge.

Q.6.How should I know that Andrew & Walker is perfect to choose for me?
Ans.: Please read what previous customers have to say about the service and the clothing they have received for Andrew & Walker .

Q.:7. What are the shipping and handling charges?
Ans.: Price of all products listed on our suit are inclusive of all shipping and handling charges.

Q.: 8.Does Andrew & Walker takes all the responsibility and guarantee of their product?
Ans.: We stand by our products and offer a 100% guarantee on all of our suits and shirts.



The most important thing when
choosing a custom tailor clothing is to
get the right fit.


Your feedback is always important.
It helps us to increase our standard
and made cloth for satisfaction


Customizing is one of the
key features of our tailored suits which
give the customer liberty.

4: F.A.Q

We are always at your service.
You can ask us any questions about fabrics to your personal designs for clothes.